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  Abbot - Rescued 2013


Say hello to Angel Dog Abbot! This sweet senior boy was found as a lost and lonesome stray in Maricopa County in the fall of 2012. He was brought to the shelter in the hopes that his family would come and find him, but they never did. AZBHR quickly pulled him out of there and gave him a second chance at a happy life. He received some extra TLC from AZBHR volunteers, a dental and some medication for a sore on his side. Then, Abbot was whisked down to Tucson to join his Forever Foster Family. This poor old guy then had to have a tumor removed from his leg. If that wasn't bad enough, his foster mom began noticing that the sore on his side seemed to be getting worse. Turns out, Abbot's sore was a basal cell carcinoma (i.e. malignant skin cancer) growth, and it was quickly removed. Now Abbot is feeling much better, and is enjoying living "high on the hog" with his Forever Foster Family, which includes four other Basset Hounds and a cat. Veterinarians believe Abbot is around 12 to 13 years old, but his foster mom says you would never know that by the way he acts, especially at meal time! He enjoys snuggling on the couch with his foster dad, refereeing his Basset foster brothers' and sister's games, and taking long naps in the sun. He's a very sweet and loving old guy, who is happy to be living out the rest of his days in his foster home.


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As of December 31, 2014
1861 rescued since 1998
18 adopted in 2014 * 
67 rescued in 2014
78 rescued in 2013
54 adopted in 2013
*(as of 6/30/14) pending update



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