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Arizona Basset Hound Rescue - Before You Adopt

Before You Adopt from Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

The first step in adopting from Arizona Basset Hound Rescue is to get to know the breed, ask yourself the questions below, and complete and adoption application.

The Adoption Process: Once you have completed the adoption application a volunteer will come to do your home visit and then we’ll find you a new family member.  Keep in mind that not all the dogs up for adoption are listed on the website, and that the home visit process may take a week or two before a volunteer can conduct the visit.  So don’t wait for the dog you want to appear on the website, but apply now!

Adoption Fees
A minimum adoption fee of $100-$250, depending on the age of the dog, is required, payable at time of adoption.  All dogs are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption.
•    Age 0 to 4    $250
•    Age 5 to 8    $200
•    Age 9 or older    $100
Previous adopters receive a 10% discount. If you are adopting a bonded pair they are 25% discount. Please keep in mind the adoption fee is a fee and not a donation to the rescue.

Effective September 1st 2013 - Adoption Fee Price Increase

•    Age 0 to 4    $300
•    Age 5 to 8    $250
•    Age 9 or older    $150
Previous adopters receive a 10% discount. If you are adopting a bonded pair they are 25% discount. Please keep in mind the adoption fee is a fee and not a donation to the rescue.


Before you make the important decision to adopt, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many hours am I home? Will that be enough time to feed and exercise my new Basset, in addition to my other activities? Bassets need lots of attention. They love people, and want to be near them, when possible. Adding a Basset can sometimes be as time-consuming as adding another child.
  2. Is my house set up for a Basset Hound? Do I have a doggie door and fenced yard? Do I have new carpet or furniture? Will I be upset if they get ruined by chewing or housetraining problems? Bassets of all ages love to chew, and will happily chew furniture in addition to remote controls, electrical cords, and other expensive toys. They are also notoriously hard to housetrain but having a doggie door can prove to be very helpful.
  3. Do I make enough money to provide yearly vaccinations and two or three vet visits per year, assuming the Basset I adopt remains healthy? Can I provide quality food, chew toys, a bed and other assorted necessities?
  4. Is my home situation stable? Am I planning to move soon? Am I renting from a landlord who doesn't allow pets? Am I starting a new relationship or ending an old one? Am I expecting a [human] baby? These are not good times to bring a new pet into a home.
  5. Am I willing to take on all responsibilities for the LIFE of the dog, including special care as the Basset ages? Bassets have been known to live up to 15 years, but 12 to 13 are more common.
  6. Basset Hounds in general do not swim well (if at all),  and therefore can be a high risk for drowning if left with unsupervised access to a swimming pool. Please be aware that if your home has an unfenced pool AND you have or will be using a doggie door, AZBHR will NOT place a dog in your home unless provisions are made that the access to outside through the doggie door is fenced so there is no access to the pool.

What about homes with small children?

If your family has small children under the age of 10, please think carefully before making the decision to adopt a dog. Small children and dogs lack the capability of knowing what they should and should not be doing when left alone unsupervised. Adopting a dog into a home with small children will take extra effort and training by all family members to be successful. Please make sure you are willing to take the extra time, effort and sometimes money for training classes that it will take to integrate a dog into your family.

Male vs. Female

If you are new to Basset Hounds, you might be surprised to learn that many male Bassets are laid back and mellow, while some females can be territorial and more prone to alpha dog behaviors. This is not true for all males, or all females, but a majority of our volunteers and adoptive homes have found this to be generally the case. If you are looking for the easygoing "hush puppy" type of Basset, a male is probably better for you.

Young vs. Older

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue many times has young dogs or puppies but usually they do not make it to the website as we may have families waiting to adopt them.  Keep in mind that any puppy or young Basset will need a playmate and will be best adopted by a family with another hound to play with.  Keep in mind young dogs do require extra training and have lots of energy.  Basset Hounds tend to slow down a little as they get older which can be a blessing! Older dogs are usually housetrained, affectionate, and take a few more naps than their younger counterparts. Many families who have opened up their homes to older Bassets have told us that the dogs fit into their daily routine from the moment they arrived. The gratitude these Hounds express to their new owners is amazing to behold.

Learn about the Basset Hound or Blood Hound Breed
To start the process of adoption a hound, complete the adoption application 

“Happiness is a Rescued Hound” Statistics

As of August 31, 2017
1993 rescued since 1998
47 adopted in 2017 * 
50 rescued in 2017
36 rescued in 2016
19 adopted in 2016



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