Meet Simon, the 1400th Rescue of Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Simon, a handsome red and white Basset Hound, came to Arizona Basset Hound Rescue from the Arizona Humane Society where his owner had left him.  Simon was very sick, and after weeks of testing and medical care, he passed away as he arrived at the cardiology veterinarian office with volunteer Kim Bruck.  Fly free, sweet Simon, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Puppy Mill Shut Down with Help from Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

After working with Pinal County for two years to stop a puppy mill, success was made when over 50 Basset Hounds were taken in by Pinal County, of which many came to Arizona Basset Hound Rescue.  The call went out for foster homes to help in February, 2009 for 22 Basset Hounds and in August, 2009 for 28 more Basset Hounds to come into our foster care program until forever homes were found.  Arizona Basset Hound Rescue has worked with helping to save many dogs from a life in a puppy mill, not only in Arizona but from other states over the years, and will continue to help those we can with your support and dedication.

One of the very happy hounds enjoying life in her foster home until adopted!

Treasure AZ-Family-Puppy-Mill

Thank you to AZ Family for the great media coverage and breaking the story.

“Happiness is a Rescued Hound” Statistics

As of December 31, 2014
1861 rescued since 1998
18 adopted in 2014 * 
67 rescued in 2014
78 rescued in 2013
54 adopted in 2013
*(as of 6/30/14) pending update



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