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By Ree Drummond


Order Charlie the Ranch Dog Book from AZBHR today!
Autographed by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman
Pawtographed by Charlie the Ranch Dog

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charlie the ranch dog cover


Meet Charlie.

He's a ranch dog. Breakfast is his life, especially when bacon is involved. Charlie has dangly ears, floppy skin, and big fat paws. And he loves living in the country. That's because he works like a dog...fixing fences, gardening, and helping his family out on the range.

Yep, it's all work, all the time for Charlie the ranch dog. In fact, he's probably working right now...


A ranch dog's work is never done!

Come along as Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, introduces us to her beloved short-legged pioneer dog named Charlie.


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Show your Basset pride with Basset Hound t-shirts and stationery. These great items are designed to help start the conversation about Basset Hound rescue with others, too. The Basset stationery has an interesting Basset Hound fact on the back, and the t-shirts say, “Adopted. Who’s next?” with an adorable photo of Herbie, an AZBHR alumni, a rescued Basset hound who is featured in the Lost Souls: FOUND! book.

***A significant portion of all profits is donated back to animal welfare efforts.

Put Arizona Basset Hound Rescue name in the checkout form "donation" field so that AZBHR will receive a donation from sales at the end of the year.

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By Susan Schmitz, A Dog’s Life Photography &

Co-Authored by Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Dogs are not just simple household pets. They play many different roles in our lives. They sail through life with us like a yacht captain, cooking up experiences like a chef, while driving us to tears or laughter like a chauffeur. With heart-grabbing photos, A Dog's Life Photography (link to www.ADogsLifePhoto.com) has cleverly portrayed how the dogs in our lives wear many different hats.

Visit www.bassetsinhats.com today to purchase your copy. A portion of proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Arizona Basset Rescue.

Subscribe to Modern Dog and AZBHR will receive $5.00 for each subscription. Enter Arizona Basset Hound Rescue under Modern_Dog_LogoOrganization and DP33 in the shelter code box when you send your registration form.

By Frank Monahan

Purchase the book(s) and 10% of your purchase goes to Arizona Basset Hound Rescue if you enter AZBHR in the coupon code box at check out.



The first book, ‘Stanley & Norman: Bad Boy Basset Brothers’, is an endearing, and wonderful book about two Basset puppies who learn life’s lessons through trial and error, and by listening to their ‘masters’, the Mama and the Daddy.


The second book, ‘Stanley & Norman: Basset Brothers Backyard Buddies,’
is a fun book following the Basset puppies as they learn to make new friends in their neighborhood by listening to their human Sister.


“Happiness is a Rescued Hound” Statistics

As of August 31, 2017
1993 rescued since 1998
47 adopted in 2017 * 
50 rescued in 2017
36 rescued in 2016
19 adopted in 2016



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